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Key+ Artists 2023

Introducing Artitsts for Key+2023.


Chia-Yu Hsu
Dacne shot.JPG

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Chia-Yu Hsu began her training at the Taipei National University of Arts, before studying at The Rock School for Dance Education (USA). She then earned her Bachelor's degree at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. While at Rambert, Chia-Yu performed with the Taiwan Ballet Company as a guest dancer. After graduating, Chia-Yu joined the Alexander Whitley Dance Company, touring in the UK and internationally. Chia-Yu also took part in the Opening Ceremony for the 2022 Commonwealth Games with Corey Baker. Additionally, she appeared on the BBC Proms working with Anthony Roth Costanzo and the English National Orchestra. Throughout her professional career, Chia-Yu has worked with artists and choreographers including Jose Agudo, Justin Allen, Justin Peck, Leigh Warren, Telmo Moreira, Yuanting Chuang, and Xiaoxiong Zhang. Chia-Yu joined Company Wayne McGregor in 2023 February and performed the world premiere of ⟪UniVerse: A Dark Crystal Odyssey⟫ at the Royal Opera House, Linbury Theatre in May 2023

Tamara started dancing at 14yrs old, and specialises in Jazz and Contemporary Dance.


She had worked for choreographers such as Naoko Matsuda,Hiroaki Kumagai, Ippei Shiba, Mayumu Minakawa, and Shintaro Hirahara amongst others. Tamara is currently producing her own shows and solo performances. 


Tamara 2 by.jpeg


​Yuuka Okamoto
Yuuka by.jpeg

Yuuka started street dance and jazz dance at the age of 12. At the age of 17, she encountered contemporary dance during a short-term study in LA.


After returning to Japan, she began studying contemporary dance and classical ballet in earnest. Yuuka has participated in the works of various choreographers such as Hiroaki Kumagai, Kenta Kojiri, Masahiro Yanagimoto, Miho Ryu, Takuya Sato, and Naoko Matsuda, and has also appeared in performances by the Japan Ballet Association and the Contemporary Dance Association. In addition, she is active in various dance fields in the commercial, corporate and film industries, as well as presenting and creating her own choreography.

Rion began breakdancing in 2001 and began to teach himself various forms of dance that included street dance, physical expression and contemporary dance amongst others.

He has participated twice in JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT, one of Japan's largest street dance contests, with his collective called Nouses, and placed second in the Osaka competition. He also received the Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 Architanz Artist Support Award.He has appeared in various music videos for artists such as MISIA, Aina the End, and WurtS. He has also worked as a model for Magazine [Silver] G-SHOCK, adidas Y-3, fashion brand MEGMIURA Collection File As a contemporary dancer he has been worked both nationally and internationally, including performing at the GROOVEN'MOVE FESTIVAL in Switzerland.

He has worked with Shintaro Oue(Created Dansu, cast includes Mirai Moriyama and founder of C/OMPANY) and Shintaro Hirahara(ORGANWORKS led by him and director of Tokyo Olympics 2021) As well as performing for Opera Hamabe no Einstein directed and choreographed by Shitaro Hirahara.

​リオン ワトリー

​Rion Watley
By Hama Show.jpeg

ジョフォア ポプラヴスキー

Geoffroy Poplawski
Geoffroy movement.jpg

Geoffroy studied at Rudra Béjart and Cannes Rosella Hightower where he danced works by choreographers such as Maurice Béjart, Jean-Christophe Maillot, Claude Brumachon, Davide Bombana and Julien Ficelli. From 2011, he started working in Germany and Austria with choreographer Mei Hong Lin. There he has danced and created roles in Romeo and Juliet (Romeo), The Nutcracker (The Nutcracker), The Little Mermaid (Prince Eric) and Swan Lake, as well as other original productions.He was a part of TanzLinz in Austria for 5 years, and then joined Nanine Linning Dance Company in Germany for 1 year before moving to Japan in 2018.

Geoffroy was a part of Noism dance Company Niigata for four years. After leaving the company, he has been active in Japan as a freelance choreographer, dancer, and teacher. He has choreographed work for the Niigata University of Health and Welfare, which won the Akita Komachi Award at the Akita National Dance Festival Modern Dance Competition. This summer, he is scheduled to appear in the DaBY dance project Ryu Suzuki, Shinji Ohmaki and EVALA’s “Rain”.

Tomomi Nakamura started classical ballet at the age of nine, where she studied under Yuko Sato and Reina Gen. She has won numerous awards, including 3rd place in the Grand Final of the NAMUE Classical Ballet Competition and 1st place in the Victoire Ballet Competition Osaka Modern/Contemporary category.

After graduating from university, she joined Noism Company Niigata as a both as a member of Noism 1 and Noism 2 for a total of 3 years After leaving the company, she appeared as a soloist in Japan Contemporary Dance Company's performance, "Danse de l'espoir" performed by Iwaki Ballet Company, and in Somatic Field Project "Dynamics" led by Hiroaki Umeda. She is active as a guest dancer in in Tokyo, Kansai and Niigata. She has danced works by Jo Kanamori, Reina Gen, Hiroaki Umeda, Un Yamada, Jun Ishii, and Paul Julius amongst others.


​Tomomi Nakamura
Tomomi movement.jpeg


​Saaya Takaoka

A member of De/Co. by Shintaro Hirahara Wacom Connected Ink Village Saaya Takaoka trained and graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in England and worked with project based companies before moving back to Japan.

She has worked with The English National Opera, Immersive Cult, Tsukiakari-Theater, Shuei Okuno, Kodue Hibino, MISIA, Co. Rumi Mito, MIDICRONICA/Ryofu Karma and more. She has also worked in many other stages, videos and sessions in collaboration with various talented artists including Hajime Fukuda and Masayuki Kagei. She started choreographing during studying and presents her work each season at the Wacom Connected Ink Village. She won the SAI Dance Festival 2022 Competition Duo Division Excellence Award.

Ui is a dancer and actor. She is currently a 4th year student at Tama Art University. She started dancing at the age of 8, and has trained in hiphop, lyrical jazz, house, contemporary, winning numerous contests in team activities. Her genre defying style is a combination of her experiences. She made her acting debut in June last year and has performed in theatre plays, musical, physical expression stage, CM and MV. Through her own practice, she continues to pursue herself by cherishing the energy and love that overflows from her body.

●JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT VOL.29 Tokyo competition prize happen inn Mnchr-m@CLUB CHITTA'

●Furusato Matsuri ~ Aomori Night ~ BREAKING + CONTEMPORARY @ Tokyo Dome

● TIGHT 25th ANNIVERSARY happen inn Mnchr-m@clubasia

●Assembly vol.1@Traffic nishiazabu

●Electric Cave vol.1@WOMB


● Musical "BroadwaySatsujinjiken" @ IMA Hall

● "Satomi Hakkenden - Gaiden -" @Za Kouenji 2

● Musical "BUNNY GIRL Juunintoiro" @RokkouKai Hall

● Musical "The Little Prince" @ Theater Alpha Tokyo

●Shinjuku Theatre Festival “Hare to Ke”@Shinjuku Bunka Centre Small Hall ‘Hana ha Kirei no Sakimashita.’@Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, Tokyo

●『Solitude town no Shimogami』@BIG TREE THEATER Appearance in MV for Tatsuro Yamashita's "love's on fire" A member of Beauty Salon TWIGGY. aoi Model & Dancer


image2 (2).jpeg


​Kairi Hayashida
@Veronika Brunova.jpg

Kairi Hayashida was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1994.

He completed his training for his master's course at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. He then joined The Ballet Company of South Bohemian Theater in the Czech Republic, after which he moved back to Japan and Noism 1 from 2018 for three seasons. He is currently based in Tokyo and has appeared in the works of Yoko Ando, ​​Hiroaki Umeda, Shintaro Hirahara and others.

Ayami Toba started classical ballet at the age of 3 and contemporary dance at the age of 15.

After graduating from high school, she joined Noism2 before joining Noism1. She has choreographed works by Jo Kanamori, Yuki Yamada, Yuki Mori, Shintaro Hirahara and Yasutake Shimaji.


After leaving the company, she has been working as a freelance dancer and instructor based in Tokyo. She is a special lecturer at the Tokyo Metropolitan General Art High School.


Featured work includes: 2017 Daegu Asia contemporary Dance Festival, The 24th BeSeTo Theater Festival, 20th Anniversary City Contemporary Dance Festival of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China Choreographed by Jo Kanamori, "NINA - Materialized Sacrifice" Korea (Daegu), China (Hangzhou) , Performed in Hong Kong. At the International Festival of Arts “DIAGHILEV.P.S”, performed in Russia (St. Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center x Aubade Hall x SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center collaboration program, "ROMEO & JULIETS" choreographed by Jo Kanamori. Appeared in the Kochi performance of "The Little Prince" choreographed by Naoko Ikegami, sponsored by Kochi City Cultural Promotion Foundation. Appeared in "Hamabe no Einstein" choreographed by Shintaro Hirahara in the 50th anniversary opera series Vol.


​Ayami Toba

スティーブン クイルダン

Stephen Quildan
Stephen with back2.jpg

Stephen Quildan is an international dance artist based in London, UK. Working through primarily choreography and performance he aims to give people impactful experiences. Mixing between contemporary, classical, street and queer forms he creates an exciting mix of movement, sound and visuals. 


Stephen Quildan trained at The BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology, and later Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance where he achieved a First Class (BA Hons) degree. 

He has choreographed for U2, Issey Miyake, Resolution at The Place, Nephrite Dance and others. 

As a dancer he has worked for Rambert, English National Ballet, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Opera de Lyon, Noism Company Niigata, Peter Schaufuss Ballet and others. He has also danced many works, both in collaborations and re-staging's including, Christopher Bruce, Merce Cunningham, Didy Veldman, Fukiko Takase, Mark Baldwin, Itzik Galili, Jules Cunningham, Nanine Linning, Studio Wayne McGregor, Alexander Whitely, Yuki Mori, Dane Hurst, Ben Duke and others.

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