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What We Do | 私たちは何をしているの?

​Key+ Activities and Services

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Key+ Workshop

​Japan, UK dance school

We will deliver the workshop.


Style: contemporary dance

Format: class (from 1 hour 15 minutes), creation, partnering, repertoire, solo or group work choreography, etc.

Target age: 4 years old and over

Key+ Showcase

​With professionals working in Japan and overseas,

Hold a showcase.

Together with everyone, as an artist,

I will continue to explore and express myself.

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Key+ Supporters

The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (2022-2023)


For your warm support and cooperation,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We will continue to do our best.


About dance style

富岡櫂 | Kai Tomioka

Kai's class will be a contemporary dance class, with elements of floor work, contemporary techniques and improvisation that are part of Kais creative practice. We will explore the use of the spiral in the Anatomy, and how this allows us to access and explore the full range of Movement in our whole body. By working both on the floor and on our feet, we will create and develop new pathways and patterns that our body can discover. The freedom of choice is essential in dance, and this class will offer you To have space to explore your own ideas and ways of moving.

山口恵奈|Ena Yamaguchi

Ena's class includes elements of improvisation, modern techniques and floor work. There is a focus on discovering the flow of movements inside and outside your body and also how to find the center of gravity. By being conscious of the flow of the space, sharing energies and creating a positive environment together. Ena’s practice comes from a range of movements practices such as contemporary dance, floor work, classical ballet, jazz, street dance, African dance, sword dance amongst others. This space will be open to dancers and performers of any genre of movement to facilitate new possibilities in one's own body.

Further details, questions​ etcPlease contact us by email.

​Past Works|Past Works


2022 UK-Japan International Workshop 'Crossing DisDance'

​ Wales, London, Niigata, Osaka

Grant: The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

2023 [Key+ 2023]


Key+ Creation (London/Tokyo)

Key+ Showcase (Tokyo)

Key+ Workshop (Tokyo)

August UK-Japan international workshop 'Key+ Summer Program 2023' held


Grant: The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

​Sponsored by Rivera Co., Ltd.

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